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Exterior Repaint
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Interior Repaint
Millwork Package
Living in the Northwest can have its toll on the outside of your home. Flaking, peeling, fading paint are all signs that your exterior siding is in need of a new paint job. We take the greatest pride in our work and treat your home as if it were our own. We spend hours and hours on prepping the siding: scraping and sanding where needed, priming any exposed wood or tanin bleed, caulking and puttying every crack, knot, or hole, and addressing the need to replace any dry rot around your house. Every job gets two coats of premium quality paint that will look great and will protect your siding for years to come.
At Paulson Painting, we take care to provide our customers high quality craftsmanship personalized for their unique needs. We have been serving the greater Seattle area since 1995 and we continue to offer high quality repaints to our customers at an affordable price.

We provide a variety of services including:
Whether you're in need of some fresh new color on the walls, have some drywall repairs you can't handle, or need an entire repaint inside your home, we can take care of it all. Our crew is skilled in painting those ceilings that seem impossible to get to and patching and texturing those drywall defects that won't go away. We can paint a small bathroom, an accent wall, or you're entire home... it's up to you!
A very nice finishing touch to the interior of your home is the millwork. We can touch up those dingy baseboards or repaint your doors and casing trim and make your home shine like new. We also are skilled in installing new millwork such as baseboards, doors and casing, crown moulding, etc. We mask off the entire area around the trimĀ and spray a smooth, flawless paint finish that will accent your home beautifully.
If you have any questions concerning jobs or request a free estimate, please don't hesitate to contact us.